I have been so thrilled about my birth experience with the midwives and doctors at Midwifery at Women’s Health Alliance that I provided a testimonial and photos last week, and here now a blog about the Centering Class offered at the WHA Durham location.

As I mentioned in my testimonial, I had had another OB and I didn’t like the experience at all, so I went to Women’s Health Alliance Durham. They said that I had prenatal care options and one of them was to take the CenteringPregnancy® Class.

Here are the five things I LOVED about the class:

  1. The sharing, and hearing points of view from everyone.
  2. Different topics for each class; this was helpful in my learning things about newborn care that aren’t obvious from talking with friends who have had babies. For example, I had no idea about discharge from babies; I would never have learned this had I not taken the CenteringPregnancy® Class.
  3. Interesting discussions; we got to talk about what would happen when the baby came, what our fears were, what we were excited about, and what to expect from our relationships after we had given birth.
  4. The class was on the same day every week, so I was able to schedule it in advance with my supervisor at work. Otherwise, I would have had appointments at varying times depending on the physicians’ schedules. I selected the class that took place every Friday after work. Mary Ellen Lowry was our midwife/educator.
  5. The demonstrations they had along with hands on experience.  We got to learn some massage techniques, how to make little ice packs with rice in a sock, and other fun things from which both we and our partner (if we chose to bring one) could learn.

My husband Daisel came to all but one class. We got to meet other people from many different backgrounds. We learned to do our own health checks; blood pressure, urine, listening to the baby. We also got to have one-on-one time with Mary Ellen and then time with the group as a whole.

One of the best things about the CenteringPregnancy® classes is that there was absolutely no difference in the cost. I got to take the class and see the physicians, and it was totally cost-effective.

I hope this helps the website readers understand more about the CenteringPregnancy® class and how it might benefit them!

– Tiffany S.