So Rebecca, since this is, I think maybe… your first baby? (laughing)

Yep, I think so too! (laughing)

I just want to hear about how the experiences have been for you and then how they, without giving personal things away about other people, but how they compare to the women’s stories that you have heard in CenteringPregnancy®, and maybe even a specific example of what you learned here that made you feel better about your experience or more comfortable in your experience, or even just helped you enjoy the experience!

Yeah, absolutely, it’s… pregnancy in general—I knock on wood, you know—has been really lovely and I’ve had a pretty textbook pregnancy which has been unusual cause I don’t usually do anything textbook. But it has been really great because whenever I had any sort of question, somebody in the group’s like, “Have you noticed that you’re feeling a pain here, or that your ribs are starting to hurt?”  It’s, “Oh yeah, they are!” And even if you read it in a book, it’s not the same thing as having a person in your, in your class come up with exactly the same thing in the same week and you go, “Oh right, everything I’m going through, as unusual as it is for me, is normal and typical and it just makes it feel like you’re part of a larger narrative. Like this narrative of being a woman and being pregnant and everything that’s happening is happening in the right sequence, and then you do see different experiences where you’ll you have a couple people who say, “Oh, I’m feeling this” and someone says, “Oh I haven’t felt that at all!”

It’s kind of great to know there are so many ways this manifests and that it’s all… it’s all good, and it’s all great, and you just sort of ride the ride and everyone else is too, and I love the fact that the midwives are here and they’re so knowledgeable and they’re really great at saying, “It can be this, it can be that, and it’s all good.” So it’s very reassuring to get that sense of community and that sense of everybody having the shared experience.

Post birth update on Rebecca Bossen: Rebecca gave birth to a healthy baby boy, Isaac, at 12:08 pm on December 21, 2013, just a few minutes before the winter solstice.  She calls him her miracle winter solstice baby. Ironically, NOTHING about her birth was textbook, as you will learn when we upload Rebecca’s birth story to share with you!