You’ve now been with Durham Women’s Clinic and WHA for just over a year. What is your vision for the practice based on your experience this past year?
We envision growing our midwifery practice in conjunction with our physician practice and in-office procedures. We’d also like to specifically expand the in-office procedures to continue to serve the needs of our obstetrical patients.

We currently offer hysteroscopies; removal of polyps, fibroids, and abnormal cervical findings; labial procedures; tubal sterilization; and treatment of miscarriages. Treatment of miscarriage generally involves a D&C (dilation and curettage), and our doing this procedure here in the office results in less expense for patients than would the same procedure in the hospital. To make all of these procedures available to more patients, we are expanding the number of days we offer them in the office.

Among your colleagues at DWC, whom do you especially admire and why?
Being younger and fresh out of residency, I’ve found that Dr. Gunter and Dr. Fried have both been wonderful role models. They’re both really great to work for, and they approach the practice first and foremost from the standpoint of patient needs. They’re doing the right things for our patients.