We caught up with Alison at a recent CenteringPregnancy® reunion and asked her to share her thoughts about the classes.

What made you decide to come to CenteringPregnancy®?
I decided to come to Centering because I liked the idea of meeting other women who were going through the same experience as me at the same time.

Which CenteringPregnancy® class of all that you attended stood out and is the one that you think the most of today?
They all stood out! I learned so much each time, and I always looked forward to attending and seeing how the other women in my group were progressing. With each class being 1.5 hours long, there was plenty of time to have quality discussions about each subject and get all our questions answered. I loved that we had guest speakers on different topics—for example, having a pediatrician come in to talk about the first few weeks with an infant and the first doctor’s appointments was really helpful.

Can you give three reasons you would tell a friend to come to CenteringPregnancy®?
Three reasons to attend Centering… you never have to wait in the waiting room. There are snacks, and what pregnant woman doesn’t like snacks? And I thought it was way more educational than just doctor’s appointments would have been, plus it’s fun and you make friends! I would recommend Centering to everyone!