A few words from certified nurse midwife Cheryl Carroll on her colleague Frank Frenduto, MD.


Dr. Frenduto, that’s a name that makes everybody smile.
It does, and you should hear patients and how they pronounce his name! It’s all kinds of things, but it’s wonderful and mostly when you hear them, I mean, they glow over Dr. Frenduto. “Dr. Frenduto, he’s so nice,” and you know what? They are absolutely right. He is a person that genuinely cares about his patients and their outcome, and he wants you to do well, and he will bend over backwards to help you out. I love that, I love that, he’s a good practitioner who is caring, what a combination! I know some good practitioners and they don’t come off as caring, but he comes off as caring and he really is caring, and so I think, boy what a combo!