Certified nurse-midwife Cheryl Carroll talks about her colleague Nicolette Schreiber, MD.


Nicki Schreiber comes up—Dr. Schreiber. Tell us why you decided on that name and what you have to say about her.
Oh, Dr. Schreiber, she’s one of our newer providers here, and she is absolutely wonderful! Do you know it can be very difficult when people move from another place here, they have a little one, a husband, and they are adjusting to so much and it can be a bumpy road. But she made it look like a cakewalk; she is very warm, and very practical, which–I like that combination, because it really speaks to patients that need to get something done, and she has the skills to go along with it. And even as a young provider, oh my goodness, I am so excited that she is here, and when I think about all the things she will do in years to come, it’s just amazing, because she’s quick on her feet, she thinks fast, and she makes an effort to help patients feel comfortable in that setting. Young ones can come to her and say whatever is on their mind and it is okay, and they will feel like they are well-received by Dr. Schreiber. Our young patients, they really appreciate this; older patients appreciate it as well. You know when you look at her you think, “Oh she’s so young, she’s too young, she’s cute and young!” But then when they realize, “Hey, she’s smart, she knows what she’s talking about, she’s good at what she does, oh my goodness–I have got to tell everybody about her!” and well… they should, because she is all those things together!