“I become a patient at Durham Women’s Clinic in the late summer of 2015 when I became pregnant with my first child. It wasn’t long before I heard of the many new wellness offerings that were all based there, and I took advantage of as many as I could!

The first one I tried was prenatal yoga. It started out with just myself and one another student, along with Brisa, our teacher. Over the following months, this program seemed to get bigger and bigger! Brisa is an excellent, friendly teacher who really takes the time to know the women in her class, learn what they are going through, and tailor the yoga class to those needs. It’s really been a pleasure taking the class with her, and I hope I’ll be able to participate in her “Baby and Me” class once after my delivery!

My husband and I also attended the Birthing with Confidence class, which is taught by Anne Brand, a midwife at DWC and organizer of the wellness program there. The class was really helpful in easing some of my concerns and worries about labor and delivery. I appreciated that it was held over two days in one weekend so that we could get through all of the material in one weekend, instead of having to go week after week for months like some other birth classes I’ve heard about. I also really liked how Anne emphasized that our bodies are made for childbirth and that a lot of this would come naturally to us as we labored, versus trying to teach us a “right” way to go through the experience. The class introduced my husband and I to all of the different options and choices we would have in our labor and delivery and made me feel well-prepared to make those decisions and create a birth plan.

I also attended a breastfeeding class sponsored by the wellness program. It was led by a lactation consultant and she did a great job of introducing the basics of breastfeeding (about which I really knew nothing!). She also did a great job of laying out different options that work for different mothers/babies and not forcing any one “right” way on the people in the class. I left feeling a lot more prepared to begin breastfeeding and knowing what resources I have at my disposal if I need help along the way.

Overall, I’ve really appreciated my participation in these wellness programs and am glad that I got to experience them all throughout my pregnancy! It’s been a real asset to have DWC be a “one-stop-shop,” so to speak, for my prenatal care, yoga, birthing class, and breastfeeding class. It made it really convenient to not have to try and find these types of offerings at a bunch of different places/locations. I’m really thankful that this was rolled out during my time being pregnant and hope that lots of other expectant/new mothers will utilize them as well!” -Amy K