Why does Elsie Mills describe Dr. Gunter as “Dr. Hot Stuff”?
For the past seven years, Elsie has worked at Durham Regional Hospital as a surgical technologist, where she often assists Dr. Gunter in the operating room. Over the years, she has observed him working with patients, and is impressed by how he handles the most chaotic surgeries with calmness. She notes how even when she feels like panicking, seeing Dr. Gunter calm and in control helps keep her calm. She explains, “It’s very reassuring, because even if I am freaking out, he is so calm that he makes everyone else around him calm, and then the situation becomes controlled, instead of chaos.”
It was this trait of calmness that inspired Elsie to go to Durham Women’s Clinic to see Dr. Gunter for help with some health issues that she thought would prevent her from ever getting pregnant. At DWC she also started seeing Dr. Nicki Schreiber. Elsie describes Dr. Schreiber as “a spunky version of Dr. Gunter”, and was impressed with how much she cared and wanted to help Elsie get to the bottom of her problems. For Elsie, Dr. Schreiber was a problem solver! After a short time seeing Drs. Gunter and Schreiber, Elsie learned that she was pregnant… with TWINS! Elsie was very excited to start her family, and Dr. Gunter shared in her excitement. It was then that Elsie started to feel like these doctors were more than colleagues or providers; they were becoming family.
Elsie continued to see Drs. Gunter and Schreiber throughout her pregnancy, and when it was time for the twins to be born, the doctors helped deliver the babies by C-Section at the same hospital where Elsie had first met and gotten to know Dr. Gunter!
Throughout her pregnancy, Elsie felt she had a great team who would answer all her questions no matter how small or silly; and they answered her with respect, showing they cared, and most importantly that they were listening.
Elsie plans to continue her health care at DWC, and says, “I wouldn’t go to another group unless you set the place on fire!”
So, why does Elsie describe Dr. Gunter as “Dr. Hot Stuff”?
“Because he is just awesome!!”